How GetGloby Maintains Your Brand Identity In Different Languages

Launching search ad campaigns in new markets and new languages can be daunting. There are a lot of unknowns, and advertisers have to give up some control. That’s why we designed GetGloby to let companies hold onto things they value.


These are an intrinsic part of your identity, and we don’t want to take that away from you. With our platform, you have the option to keep certain words and phrases in your original language regardless of where you are launching your new campaign. Simply select which brand terms and slogans you don’t want to have translated, and we won’t touch them! 

With our transcreation platform, we do more than just simply translate your ads. We also maintain your style and tone, ensuring that your message doesn’t go from strategic to clunky. Whether your branding is inspirational, relatable, luxury, or more, that voice will stay clear across more than 100 languages. 

You’ve built trust with consumers in your market, and you want to do the same when you launch in new languages. Our proprietary NLP algorithm combined with the knowledge of our linguistics experts allow us to deliver transcreated ads that far surpass industry standards for accuracy. When you produce linguistically accurate ads, you build trust.

We pride ourselves on saving advertisers time and money with a platform that transcreates campaigns in a matter of minutes and a pricing model that does not charge per word. This is time, money, and energy that you can now use to continue doing the things that make your company stand out. It gives you the capacity to expand your bandwidth and expand your brand.

GetGloby is a platform that helps advertisers expand without the need to rebrand. With access to new languages, businesses can reach new markets and new audiences, all while staying true to themselves. 

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