What To Prioritize When Translating Ads

Three tenants of translations to expand businesses.


GetGloby was made by advertisers, for advertisers. As experts in multicultural marketing, we understand that different campaigns have different needs. When translating digital ad campaigns, you want to consider three things and set your priorities. 

You may be seeking a one-for-one translation that most closely aligns with what you said. After all, you spent a long time crafting your message, so it may be especially important to you that the translation is as close of a match as possible. Proper vocabulary and punctuation are crucial in your ads’ original language, so the same should be true when they are translated. 

Perhaps your top priority is to communicate with a specific market in a way that is significant to them. You want to adapt your message so that it is culturally appropriate and respects the linguistic nuances of a region. By using figures of speech that resonate with the people of that area, you are better able to connect with that audience in a meaningful way. 

In a digital age of advertising, clicks are everything. To improve the interaction rate with your ads, they should be shown as many times as possible. Keep in mind that your ads appear when they use words that people who are browsing actually use. Translated campaigns that include keywords with real traffic will have more reach. As such, you may want your translated campaign to contain as many of these keywords for that region as possible. Similarity or reachability may not feel as vital if they don’t help you be seen by new audiences.


All GetGloby transcreations value similarity, relevancy, and searchability. With the power of our proprietary NLP algorithm and the knowledge of our linguistics experts, we have been able to take a quantum leap in accuracy levels that will revolutionize the global advertising industry. This breakthrough will enable companies worldwide to spread their messaging while maintaining its syntax, context, and quality, no matter which country they are targeting.

We also go further than simply translating ads. Instead, we consider the nuances of languages and localization, while maintaining the original tone, style, and context of the message. Through this process of transcreation, we capture the true essence of your campaign and ensure it stays relevant across borders.

At GetGloby, we understand why companies would prioritize or combine any of these tenants, and so we share with our clients the transcreation that is most similar and accurate to what was originally said, the ad that is most culturally relevant, and one that is optimized for search engines. You know what is best for your campaign, and we are honored to be the platform you use to take your message to new audiences in any way you’d like.

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